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Health, Wellness & Athletics Facility

The Wittenberg Health, Wellness & Athletics Complex is an investment in the future of Wittenberg University and our local community. The combination of outstanding academic programs, competitive athletics and diverse recreational opportunities are so vital to Wittenberg University. This new facility will allow growth at the school and in Springfield. Student success and retention is at the heart of the new initiative.

On behalf of all of the students, faculty, staff and alumni, thank you for being a part of this exciting future at Wittenberg University and in the community.


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The restoration and expansion initiative will create one of the finest facilities in Division III, transforming the dated space into one that nicely aligns academics and athletics for engaged learning and modern competition.

All of these improvements will enhance the entire complex, which plays an integral role in Wittenberg’s student life and sense of community, as well as in Wittenberg’s ability to maintain its competitive edge within the NCAC and among its peer institutions.


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Thank you for helping all of them call Wittenberg home!


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